A bit about me

I have suffered with joint problems since I was ten years old and have had Arthritis for the past nine years. But as I rapidly approach the half century ( I know, you can say it, I look good for my age), I find that I am far fitter, stronger and way more active than I was twenty years ago.

I have four young children who are incredibly active. School holidays and weekends are filled with long walks, bike rides and football. I aim to stay as fit and healthy as I can for as long as I can so that we can continue to enjoy these activities as a family.

My other passion

As you may have worked out from the photos, along side my family my other passion is OCR. Put simply it is an excuse for grown ups (I use this term loosely) to get wet and muddy whilst enjoying the physical and mental challenge of completing an obstacle course. I usually take part in five races a year, both day and night, summer and winter but always with a smile. I even raced during storm Alex (Oct. 2020) and hurricane Lorenzo (Nov. 2019).

Everyone has a reason

Everyone has a reason why they want or should go out and exercise. For me, my motivation is my two passions, my family and OCR. For some it's to lose or gain weight, the physical and mental health benefits or simply for fun.

Whatever your reasons, I will help you maintain your motivation, guide you toward your fitness goals in a safe and friendly environment and at a time and place that suits you.